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"El Otro Lado" ("The Other Side"), by Armando Garcia-Davila:

If you wish to join our company of poets,
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Lydia Rand, Poetry Editor - I was born in Paris and have always been an observer of life and people, forever taking notes. The Edition St Germain-des-Prés published my first book of poetry in French. I met my partner, an American, in Spain and with another couple we went around the world in a VW bus. We started in France and ended up in Nepal where we sold the car to get on a boat to Japan. This took more than a year during which the four of us often got lost and had a few close calls. In the mid-sixties we settled in Aspen, Colorado, then in Mendocino in the seventies. Local presses published two books of my poems and my work has appeared in numerous anthologies, journals and magazines. My friends know me as someone who takes them on wild and wooly adventures and declares, when we lose our way, “Don’t worry. No one is ever really lost; we are always somewhere on the planet.” The fact is that I like to get lost, because it starts the process of finding myself, and writing about it.

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James Maxwell
James Maxwell


James Maxwell - Mendocino Stories Web Publisher - has four poems/broadsides as demonstrations to other poets the size and possibilities of using the internet to share their poetry.

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Blake More -

UCLA graduate and a lifetime member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, Blake More is an artist with many creative voices and expressions, poetry being her first obsession, though her work spans the spectrum: from book, magazine, poetry and playwriting to performance art, dance and yogic trapeze; from teaching poetry, video and drama to theatrical costume design, functional mixed media art/life pieces, assemblage sculpture and wildly painted poetry art cars. Her newest book godmeat is a collection of poetry, prose, color artwork, and a DVD compilation of poem movies (available at To explore Blake’s creative world, please visit


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