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Mendocino is a magical area of rare beauty.
A gathering place, she attracts kindred spirits -
nature lovers, poets, artists, musicians, writers,
and lefties abound.
Our stories editor is John Birchard, local professional photographer,
fine woodworker
. and full time resident.
He lives in Mendocino. Read his Editor's Statement HERE

If you wish to join our company of artists,
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Here are our photographers:

John Birchard

John Birchard -

I studied magazine and photo journalism at the University of Kansas in the 1970's, and moved to Los Angeles after college where I briefly worked in television.

My wife Barbara and I left Los Angeles in 1975 and soon found ourselves living on the Mendocino Coast of Northern California, building a house, raising a family. I spent many years making my living as a woodworker and furniture maker. My interest in photography, eventually re-surfaced, and I studied studio photography with Jess Shirley at the College of the Redwoods.  I started my own studio at my home in Mendocino in 1985.

We contribute and support by our participation:
The Mendocino Coast Writers Conference
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Risa Marie

Risa Marie Hanson-Claypool -

I am currently a Junior at Mendocino Community High School, and am turning 17 in December. I was adopted at birth, and have three siblings, two sisters and one brother. For my entire life, I've lived with my mom, and my dad and a handful of pets. While family remains a huge part of my life, my friends, reign most important. Without them, I wouldn't be the person whom I've grown to be.

I love animals, photography, and the beach. I've been taking pictures for years, and really enjoy it. For a while, I fell out of my picture taking, but gradually fell right back in. Flowers have always been my favorite subject. The colors, shape and sizes continue to amaze me. I also have a weakness for landscapes, and living in Mendo, there has never been a shortage of those.


Bruce Patterson

Bruce Patterson -

"I bought my first camera when my first son was born in 1978. Neither he nor his kid brother enjoyed getting their pictures took so, over time, more and more I turned my lense on landscapes and pioneer relics. I became fascinated with the interplays of shape, light and shadow. Because for over thirty years I worked outdoors across the length and breadth of Anderson Valley, and since I usually kept my camera in my truck, every once in a while I'd get lucky and capture an image worth showing. Also, given the changes the valley has gone through during that time, I caught a number of scenes that no longer exist."

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