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Mendocino is a magical area of rare beauty.
A gathering place, she attracts kindred spirits -
nature lovers, poets, artists, musicians, writers,
and lefties abound.

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Here are our musicians:

Pattie DeMatteo
Pattie DeMatteo I have been singing since my grade school years with Girl Scouts and campfire songs. I sang in my Junior and Senior High School choirs, where my love of harmony blossomed.  I found myself in three different duets during my twenties, singing lead and harmony. After my son left the nest and found his own path, I dragged my old ’58 Gibson out of the closet and started playing again. With great encouragement from some inspiring musician friends, I have been jamming and performing regularly for several years now. My songwriting began about the same time as my playing. I have been writing songs of my life and of some of the fine folks I have had the honor of knowing. I am also a member of two harmony groups, The Chomptones of Comptche and Panorama, a women’s trio.

One of the best coffeehouses in Fort Bragg is one of the best music venues for music.
Visit The Headlands Coffee House on Laurel Street in Fort Bragg, CA
or visit online here:

Lousia Morris
Lousia Morris - Mendocino singer-songwriter Louisa Morris blends a beautiful voice with folk guitar and honest, heart-full lyrics to create songs that will touch your soul.  She began her musical and creative path in Buffalo, New York and her music mirrors a reflective life and her love for the outdoors.  She has performed throughout Mendocino County in northern California and has recorded two albums, “Wild Places” and “Coming Home to Daisy.”  Besides being a singer-songwriter, she is a mom, artist, and gardener who has worked on watershed restoration and trails projects throughout the western United States.
  The only grassroots, nonprofit advocate for low income children on the Mendocino Coast.
Mendocino Coast Children's Fund CLICK HERE

Holly Tannen
Holly Tannen - Mendocino's Mistress of Fokelore Holly Tannen sings traditional folk songs of England, Scotland, and the Appalachians, her own satirical songs about Mendocino life, and settings of her  translations of the poetry of 19th century French poet Arthur Rimbaud.

Holly  holds a Master's degree in folklore from the University of California at Berkeley, where she studied under Alan Dundes. She wrote her master's thesis on traditional ballads told as stories among Scotland's Traveling People.

Janie Tate Janie Tate - Instrumentals for pain control and relaxation. This recording has pretty little melodies specifically avoiding screechy high sounds, stimulating rhythms, and confusing patterns, which would be of no value in pain control. It contains no familiar songs, which might tend to evoke memories that would interfere with relaxation. The use of focal techniques and of gentle repetition is conducive to a hypnosis type effect, believed to stimulate endorphins and an alpha wave effect of biofeedback therapy. Use in an automobile stereo system has helped to ease tensions in city traffic, but it is not recommended for highway driving.
Kevin and the Coconuts
Kevin and the Coconuts - longtime Mendocino resident Kevin Grant leads the group, plays the tenor lead pan, double seconds, arranges much of the music and builds the pans, using discarded 55 gallon steel drums.

Marcia Sloane Marcia Sloane - a longtime resident of Mendocino began playing cello at age nine in Honolulu, Hawaii. She studied cello with Matthew Owens and Margaret Rowell in the Bay Area, and received her B. A. in India Studies from Sonoma State University where she studied north Indian classical singing with Laxmi G. Tewari. Marcia has enjoyed both classical and non-classical endeavors throughout her career, playing in orchestras and chamber ensembles as well as collaborating with choreographers, visual artists, storytellers, filmmakers, and theatre companies. She played with the acoustic fusion band Ancient Future and was a member of the Caravan Stage Company in Ontario, Canada. Marcia is a certified TaKeTiNa instructor, facilitating group rhythm processes using the body as a musical instrument. She maintains a cello studio in Mendocino and co-directs Navarro River String Camp for adult string players.



TWELV30 - began creating music in 2006. In an offshoot of a local recording project in Mendocino County, the hired guns of the session thought it important to continue playing music together. During warm ups and rehearsals many original ideas began flying around the room. All players agreed there should be a new band formed to cultivate the songwriting prospects being hatched.

Founding members John Hansen, James Webber, Jamie Gilliam and Philip Dunn bring a variety of backgrounds to Twelv30. Within the musical souls of these men live rock, country, blues, surf, punk, folk and more. Intertwined, the artistic styles have conjured a "rock meets folk meets country" sound, which is reminiscent of the early 70's California Country sound with a new twist.




Blushing Roulettes Gig The Blushin' Roulettes - hail from Mendocino County, CA. This folksy twang gang delivers old-time tunes with a modern twist deeply rooted in feminine perspective. The span and scope of the Roulettes’ performances range from intimate, sometimes featuring 2-3 members, to raucously outrageous full-band shows.

Songwriter/guitarist Angela Rose belts her sweet and sultry tunes of damsels in their bliss and distress in a warbling vibrato often compared to Iris Dement and Dolly Parton. The often quirky, funny stage presence and earnestly loving interplay among band members reflects the small-town closeness of the kindred rotating cast of characters, which includes Kate Stone on vocal harmonies and plucked and bowed cello, Cas Sochacki on dobro and sassy baritone duets with Rose, Buddy Stubbs on soulfully gritty lead guitar, not-so-little drummer boy Jubal Stedman, ivory-tickler Luke Stone , and electric bassman Mike Luparello.

Pat Kelley Pat Kelley plays guitar and a musical string instrument called a hammered dulcimer, a medieval Irish percussion string instrument that predates the piano. In his early twenties, Pat took a few guitar lessons with the legendary Joe Pass. By the age of 23 Pat Kelley performed for the King and Queen of Nepal as well as on national T.V. of Argentina. Today, Pat continues to perform for weddings and private parties throughout the Bay Area and Mendocino County as a solo and duo act in folk, classical and jazz idioms with various artists.
Paul Geng Paul Geng A former resident of NY, I moved to Fort Bragg 3/12 to enjoy retirement and a life style change. I am currently a DJ at KNYO radio 107.7. Over the last 10 years, I have recorded many albums and singles charting in college and commercial radio. These CDs were all produced by me, writing all the tunes and playing all the instruments in my home studio. My hope is to find a home for my music on the coast.

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