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Mendocino is a magical area of rare beauty.

A gathering place, she attracts kindred spirits -
nature lovers, poets, artists, musicians, writers,
and lefties abound.

Our art editor is Bob Treaster, former gallery owner, "This is Not Art",
practicing artist and resident of the Mendocino Coast.

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Here are our artists:

Robert Treaster


Robert Treaster Studied art at C.S,U.S. and U.C.Davis w/ Wayne Thiebaud, Bob Arneson, Roy DeForest, and David Gilhooly; owned and operated "This is not Art" a gallery in Mendocino from 1979 to 1990. He is a practicing artist for over 35 years. He calles himself, "a Mendocino resident, who spends way too much working at the Mendocino Art Center."
Mendocino has fine sculptors too, many work with wood. These folks are not only recognized fine artists, but are also master teachers in woodworking:
Four Sisters Woodworking
visit their web site at:

James Maxwell


James Maxwell reports on his large canvas - twelve feet by eight feet tall. The canvas in three panels represented the Art In The Gardens, one of many promotional efforts for The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. Here is a rare glimpse into an artist's process. Images in the stages of development and thoughts along the path to a finished painting. By the way, Max is known for his love of cats.

  The Vision of the Mendocino Coast Children's Fund is to support a community in which all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential in life. MCCF website - click HERE

Susan Moore


Susan Moore is an artist, poet, musician and educator.  She grew up on the Gulf coast of Florida and graduated with a BA in music from University of South Florida in Tampa.   Although Susan has lived most of her life in Florida, she also spent seven years in Mendocino where she was actively involved in the cultural life of the community.   Susan is  a self-taught visual artist, working primarily in the media of colored pencils and ink. She currently lives in Everett, Washington, and teaches music and some art classes for the Edmonds School District, where she enjoys fanning the flames of creativity in her students.  In her own creative life she balances her efforts between music, art and writing.  She visits Mendocino whenever she can. Giclee prints of Susan’s artwork are available in a variety of sizes.
Pacific Textile Arts
represents the northern California finest fiber artists.

Olaf Palm Book


Olaf Palm (1935-2000) was a star of this art colony's community of painters, most of them agreeing he was the best in his class.

Olaf Palm - A Life in Art
Composed, Compiled, and Edited by
Irene D. Thomas, Ph.D.
Art In The Gardens
The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens annual fundraising event draws many artists to gather for a weekend of fine examples of art in the Botanical Gardens.

Rachel Lahn


Rachel Lahn - My paintings and dimensional constructions are about movement, light and color.  They are reflections of my feelings, travels, and countless transitions. My work is influenced by the beauty of the land and sea where I live, in Mendocino county, California and by the dramatic colors of the South Pacific , where I visit.  I have been painting since my childhood.  I hold a BFA and an MAT from the Rhode Island School of Design.


One of the best coffeehouses in Fort Bragg is one of the best music venues for music.
Visit The Headlands Coffee House on Laurel Street in Fort Bragg, CA
or visit online here:

GlassFire Gallery

GLASS FIRE - The Glass Fire Gallery is located on Highway One in Fort Bragg, next to the Botanical Gardens. The gallery opened in 2005, with a glass blowing studio on site for the public to observe Buster in action

Hans Bruhner
Hans Bruhner was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. He is self-taught as a photographer and was first published in photography magazines in Sweden in the early sixties. He has traveled in Europe and also in Central and South America while working in Colombia.

He has exhibited in San Francisco and the Bay Area and also locally in both solo and group shows. Influenced by painters, sculptors and folk artists, his Cibachrome images often have a painterly quality.

Besides conventionally framed images, Hans creates photo assemblages where the frames, often made of found objects and discards, become part of the image. The frames can set off the photo; they can separate the viewer; or draw you in.

"I look for simple lines, few colors, a certain rhythm, character and content. I like dark, slightly mysterious areas in my pictures, images that remind us that photos are memories preserved."
Vicki Fraser Vicki Fraser was born in the Central Valley, traveled widely, studied fiber arts in Belgium, England, and the US: developed a passion for embroidery, lacemaking, rugmaking.

Moving to Belgium in 1973, she hooked her first rug and started a lace collection; she trained as an oriental rug restorer, and began making rugs. In 1991, she accepted a nine month residence at the Mendocino Art Center where she completed the "Earth Rug." During the making of the "Earth Rug", she connected with the many skilled, and beloved fiber artists of Mendocino, and broadened her skills with mushroom dying and with the indigo vat.  
LynneZickerman Lynne Zickerman I like to draw and paint natural reality or what I imagine in my mind's eye. My subjects vary and surprise me often but come from Nature and imagination even though they range all over the map! Subjects seem to be people, land and water scape and food.  Dreaming is a bridge for me between  two worlds of Nature and imagination, as an entry into my work.   My art has always been a parallel reality and pieces become markers in time, reminding me that I have had  touching experiences in moments of epiphany throughout my life.
Comptche Winning Quilt The Comptche Quilt - A tribute to the firefighters and other volunteers who worked on containing and putting out the Flynn Fire in 2012:  Cal Fire (including firefighters hired from all around California); Comptche Volunteer Fire Department; Comptche Volunteers who ran registration, cooked and served food; Anderson Valley Volunteer Fire Department; Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department; Albion Volunteer Fire Department; Mendocino County Sheriff's Office, California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation; Ukiah Ambulance (stand by); Individuals owning and operating special vehicles; tree fallers.

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