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Bonnie Sanger
Irene D. Thomas
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Blake More
Along The Way - Travel Stories

Betty Roberts

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Joel Schwartz
Bruce Patterson
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Cynthia L. Wall

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Grandmother Redwood

"Conversations with Grandmother Redwood"
by Bonnie Sange

Bonnie had lived closely with tree beings all her life, from the Atlantic Coast, to Texas, to the Pacific Northwest. Grandmother Redwood was her friend and teacher for thirty years and continued to guide her through all life's confusion, toward balance, acceptance, and deep-rooted joy.
$18, includes sales tax,
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The Many Faces of Subud

"The Many Faces of Subud"
by Riantee Lydia Rand

An exploration into this
Spiritual Community
$20.00, includes sales tax,
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Olaf Palm Master Painter

"Olaf Palm"
by Irene D. Thomas

A richly illustrated biography
of a Mendocino Master
(180 full color images),
who painted his life and times in the back-to-the-land movement of '60s and '70s -
in brilliant Dutch Master styles.
Limited Edition
$35, includes sales tax,
shipping and handling

The Courage to Trust
The Courage to Trust
By Cynthia L. Wall, LCSW

addresses the mystery that underlies upsetting interactions in all your relationships.

The Courage to Trust shows when and how much to trust. Practical tools and stories help you overcome old barriers to trust and intimacy, and increase trust in yourself and people you care about.
Price is only $17.00,
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Embracing True Prosperity
Embracing True Prosperity
By Cynthia L. Wall, LCSW

guides you into your dreams of tomorrow, helping you envision an ideal future, two years from the present.

Embracing True Prosperity supports the creation of a unique vision of desired possibilities, one not limited by traditional definitions of success or failure.
Audio Tape $15.00
includes tax & postage.

Buddha In A Teacup

Buddha In a Teacup
By Todd Walton

Forty-two contemporary short stories,
each illuminating an aspect of the Buddhist dharma. Some of the stories are humorous, some quite serious, and some erotic.

$22, includes sales tax,
shipping and handling.


Extraordinary Pupfish

"The Extraordinary Pupfish
of Calaveras County"
by Joel Schwartz

A novel composed of two coming-of-age stories told in the first person, an unwilling 15-year-old hero and an obstinate 65-year-old widow, who grapple with the hypocrisies of a twisted world. Written by an award-winning playwright and screenwriter, who worked with homeless youth in Hollywood for twenty-five years.
$20, includes sales tax,
shipping and handling.

Walking Tractor

”Walking Tractor and other Country Tales”
by Bruce Patterson

details his life as a logger, wood-cutter and ranch hand. Set in Mendocino County's "old" Anderson Valley, his stories amount to an often funny love letter to a particular place and time and a disappearing way of life.
Price $18.50, including tax,
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”Turned Round in my Boots”

by Bruce Patterson

What the Romantics called a Baptism of Fire we called "getting turned round in your boots". Once that happened, it was a long way home. Bruce Patterson's new book tells how he stumbled into his.
Price $22.50, including tax,
shipping and handling.


by Blake More

a 128 page collection of poetry, prose, color artwork, and video (the book comes packaged with a poem movie DVD).

Price $29.00 including tax,
shipping and handling.


"A Christmas Story" a true story
by Jay Frankston

For 12 years the author played Santa Claus in response to poor children who wrote to Santa Claus and mailed their letters. This is the story of the anonymous man in the red suit. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you feel good. A book to be read aloud.

Hard Cover $15 includes sales tax
shipping and handling

tales of Mendocino

Mendocino Magic
by Jay Frankston

ONCE UPON A TIME between the late Sixties and the early Seventies there was a strange convergence of energies in a little town named Mendocino sitting on top of a cliff in Northern California and it gave birth to something we called "Mendocino Magic"

Chapbook $15 includes sales tax
shipping and handling


"Along The Way - Travel Stories"
by James Maxwell, Lydia Rand,
Skip Wollengerg

Three travelers, as disparate as it gets: an artist, a poet and a geologist recount their journeys on many continents and climes. From Africa to Eurasia to Greenland, Central and South America, Oceania and the American West, their traveling companions and the people and situations they encounter may raise your hackles, bring on a shudder or a laugh. Along the way you’ll experience interesting geographies, ethnologies and sometimes bizarre human behavior.

$25 includes sales tax
shipping and handling

A Gracefull Farewell

A Graceful Farewell
by Maggie Watson

Workbook and CD designed to help you list and locate the important information in your life so that your loved ones have access and knowledge when they need it most.

$22 including tax and shipping

Audry Abell

Inner Views from my Culture
by Audrey Abell

Audrey wrote this book for her senior project because she wanted to raise awareness in her high school about cerebral palsy and what it was like to be a young person with cerebral palsy. She interviewed fifteen people in person, on the phone and by e-mail

$15 including sales tax,
shipping and handling


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