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          "I bought my first camera when my first son was born in 1978. Neither he nor his kid brother enjoyed getting their pictures took so, over time, more and more I turned my lense on landscapes and pioneer relics. I became fascinated with the interplays of shape, light and shadow. Because for over thirty years I worked outdoors across the length and breadth of Anderson Valley, and since I usually kept my camera in my truck, every once in a while I'd get lucky and capture an image worth showing. Also, given the changes the valley has gone through during that time, I caught a number of scenes that no longer exist."




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4Eyed Frog





Family Hands





The Bookstore



The Last Resort

The Author at Work

The ridge

Whipple Ridge

The Snag

Redwood Snag

Horse Heaven

Horse Haven

The Ridge

Along the Boonville Road



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”Walking Tractor and other Country Tales”
by Bruce Patterson

details his life as a logger, wood-cutter and ranch hand. Set in Mendocino County's "old" Anderson Valley, his stories amount to an often funny love letter to a particular place and time and a disappearing way of life.

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