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One of Mendocino Stories and Music Series favorite local bands.

TWELV30 began creating music in 2006. In an offshoot of a local recording project in Mendocino County, the hired guns of the session thought it important to continue playing music together. During warm ups and rehearsals many original ideas began flying around the room. All players agreed there should be a new band formed to cultivate the songwriting prospects being hatched.

Founding members John Hansen, James Webber, Jamie Gilliam and Philip Dunn bring a variety of backgrounds to Twelv30. Within the musical souls of these men live rock, country, blues, surf, punk, folk and more. Intertwined, the artistic styles have conjured a "rock meets folk meets country" sound, which is reminiscent of the early 70's California Country sound with a new twist.

John Hanson John Hansen, guitars and vocals, hails from the Santa Barbara area. John has played with many local popular surf bands honing his guitar skills and sense of balance on his surf board. New wave music and larger waves in the Pacific brought him to the Mendocino coast. Like many of our hidden coves, he was a hidden treasure in the north coast music scene playing in studios and coffee shops until he became a member of Twelv30, lending melody and talent with both guitar and vocals.
Jamie Webber Bass player Jamie Webber was born in Des Arc, Arkansas. He describes himself as “omnivore, chef, and bass player”. Jamie started playing music as a trumpet player. When he moved to the Chicago area, he began playing bass in various blues bands. Since then, he says he’s “been everywhere and done everything with everyone.” Most of all he’s “just happy to be in the band.”
Jamie Gilliam Band member Jamie Gilliam started playing his father's guitar at age 4, so following in Dad's footsteps was only natural. “My heroes have always been guitar players,” Gilliam says, "First and always my dad, then Les Paul, Merle Travis and Clarence White. These were the guys my Pop turned me on to."
Over the last two decades Jamie has played in a few notable projects in and around the western U.S. but he says of Twelv30: “I’ve found a great bunch of guys here. I feel really lucky to be a part of this project. After all, how many people get to write the soundtrack to their life?"
Phillip Dunn Hailing from Napa Valley California, Philip Dunn, began kicking beats in the late 80’s for different bands in and around the San Francisco bay area. Primarily leaning towards the heavier influences of rock, Philip first cut his teeth as a vocalist and front man. “I love to sing. It’s such a rush to see fans singing along with their arms raised high. You really feel the connection and it’s the best."

Now, seated behind the drums and delivering lead and backing vocals Philip has come to a place where both musical passions can be fulfilled. “Singing and drumming our own originals is what it’s all about. I really can’t ask for more.”

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Run to Me


The Proposal
Daddy’s Truck

"Music, a universal language bridging barriers words cannot. The feelings and emotions evoked transcend conventional communication to carry the listener to a truly personal space. A melodious and lyrical interplay between voice and instrumentation which dances in the ears and brains of all who allow...and inspires the physical act of dance. Allow me to play music and I can communicate with the world."

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