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Paul Geng

A former resident of NY, I moved to Fort Bragg 3/12 to enjoy retirement and a life style change. I am currently a DJ at KNYO radio 107.7. Over the last 10 years, I have recorded many albums and singles charting in college and commercial radio. These CDs were all produced by me, writing all the tunes and playing all the instruments in my home studio. My hope is to find a home for my music on the coast.

Here are samples to listen to while reading my lyrics.


First sign of love I started running
But I knew there was nowhere I could hide
I thought love was nothing but trouble
But my heart was taken by surprise

I think I was always just a dreamer
Hid my dreams behind a wall of stone
But then you came, my gentle redeemer
And you, you found a way in baby

Cause you, you’re my miracle it seems so logical
That there is a God in heaven
Your love is metaphysical; your love’s so spiritual
And I’ll always be there for you
Cause you’re my miracle

Now you’re firmly tied up in my heart strings
The scars of pain and hurt pain begin to heal
You taught me how to love and not be frightened
And now it’s safe to fall in love and feel

The colors of the world around seemed brighter
You help me see the good that’s all around
And my shy and heavy heart is getting lighter
And you, you made it happen, baby



I don’t know why I love you the way that I do
I guess it’s only natural
I don’t know why I smile when you smile
I guess it’s only natural

Birds fly never asking why
And the same goes for my love for you
It’s just happening

I don’t know why
I laugh when you laugh
I guess it’s only natural
I don’t know why I’d die to see you cry
I guess it’s only natural

We both have been in a drought
So tell me now what’s there to figure out
Cause it’s just so natural

I don’t know why I love you the way that I do
I guess it’s only natural


Old Montauk Highway

Waves that wore down the cliffs of Montauk shore
Ships that were drawn to the Point are no more
He was the beacon
Captains are seeking

But no one saves him
He’ stinking of gin
It’s another cold night

Jacob is waiting
Hoping and praying
That sunrise will follow
Like a stranger on Old Montauk Highway

His wife helps Jacob Hand keep the light on
She waits for the magpie to sing its spring song
Shipwrecks foreboding
They are not talking

Battle of wills
Amid Montauk swills
It’s another cold night

Old Montauk Highway.mp3

Ships That Pass In The Night

Boreal whispered her name
And all the sea gulls joined in haunting refrain
A shipwreck meant for me
The breakers pound and pushed me back into the sea
Now I know, cause I held her in my arms
Held her in my heart
Weltered in the fathoms of her passion

I’m the captain of my boat
And only God knows why she still is afloat
Aurora wakes me at dawn
Her message has my heart and head torn
But I know that I’m betrothed to the sea
She’s waiting there for me
Even though I know I am drowning

A tall ship it passed in the night
She offered passage to dry land that came in sight
She cast her anchor down
But I won’t go back, cause it’s the sea that’s where I’m bound
And I know, cause she’s always on my mind
Waited for a time searching for a way to finally tell her
I still love her

Ships that pass in the night
Merchant sailors guided by the northern lights
They leave behind all but their souls
In every port a piece is left waiting in tow
And now I know, cause I held her in my hands
She slipped through just like sand
And I’m wondering now if she really loved me

Ships That Pass
In The Night.mp3

Where Teardrops Fall

Must have been something you said
Cause now I can’t get this notion out of my head
When you find the one you love your heart could never forget
And now you just where to find me
Where teardrops fall

Must have been something I heard
That love is just another overused word
But I can’t see the light of day since I had sent you away
And now you know just where to find me
Where teardrops fall
That’s where you’ll find me

I know that I was the one to walk away
I want you back in my arms make everything ok
Please let me stay

Must have been something I read
That honesty and chivalry have long been dead
But I would do my everything to get you back here with me
And now you know just where to find me
Where teardrops fall
That’s where you’ll find me

Where Teardrops Fall.mp3


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