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Pattie DeMatteo - I have been singing since my grade school years with Girl Scouts and campfire songs. I sang in my Junior and Senior High School choirs, where my love of harmony blossomed.  I found myself in three different duets during my twenties, singing lead and harmony. After my son left the nest and found his own path, I dragged my old ’58 Gibson out of the closet and started playing again. With great encouragement from some inspiring musician friends, I have been jamming and performing regularly for several years now. My songwriting began about the same time as my playing. I have been writing songs of my life and of some of the fine folks I have had the honor of knowing. I am also a member of two harmony groups, The Chomptones of Comptche and Panorama, a women’s trio.

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© Pattie DeMatteo 2007

Pattie and Her Guitar

Only Human
© Pattie DeMatteo 2007

Only Human always seemed like a lame excuse

For the pain and the anger that runs loose

We all make mistakes, that’s the way that we learn

The fool and the wise woman, each take a turn.

We all have the right to be here. That’s so easy to forget

When someone gets obnoxious and I get so upset.

It takes all kinds, I know I’ve heard that before.

There are some I like better, some appeal to more.


       Can’t push the river. It’s just gonna flow.  

       The hardest thing in life is letting go.

Some won’t complain, they say it wouldn’t do any good.

Not me, I bitch and moan. I think that it could.

I listen for the words that’ll set me straight.

Before I know it, I’ll be feelin’ great.

Live for today, not yesterday or tomorrow.

Enjoy the moment, let go of your sorrow.

Be good to yourself and be your own best friend.

Have a good time before this all ends.

       Can’t push the river. It’s just gonna flow.  

       The hardest thing in life is letting go.

We raise our kids, we raise each other,

Share our lives and love one another.

We’ve got lessons to teach and we do our best

To nurture and water, then put it to rest.

At the end of the day take a good look around

At family and friends and the joy that abounds.

No room for guilt now, can’t you see?

The light that’s shining will set you free.


       You can’t push the river. You’re goin’ with the flow.  

       The sweetest thing in life now is letting go.


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"Only Human"
I finished this song in 2006, with my dear friend and mentor, Bonnie Sanger. I used to walk down to her trailer in the Comptche Valley on Saturday afternoons, to talk and make music. This song came from our times together. The final chorus is a dedication to her graciousness in her final days.
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