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Janie Tate

Instrumentals for pain control and relaxation.
(Most effective when used with a headset)

This recording has pretty little melodies specifically avoiding screechy high sounds, stimulating rhythms, and confusing patterns, which would be of no value in pain control. It contains no familiar songs, which might tend to evoke memories that would interfere with relaxation. The use of focal techniques and of gentle repetition is conducive to a hypnosis type effect, believed to stimulate endorphins and an alpha wave effect of biofeedback therapy. Use in an automobile stereo system has helped to ease tensions in city traffic, but it is not recommended for highway driving.

COMPLEX enough to command the listener to direct his attention to the stereo spectrum.

SIMPLE enough to put him to sleep.

“My son was in ICU with a terrible electrical burn. He told me this music was the only thing that enabled him to sleep, over all the drugs they tried.”
C.J., nurse
“I was in ICU for 4 days, after a hip operation, and listened to the “Floating Guitars” CD over and over and over again. It was a really big help.”
R.S., local businessman

prepare for a one minute, 30 second wait,
with dial-up.
This time depends on your internet connection.

Best experienced using EXPLORER
Click on these short samples (20-33 second MP3 files)
Be sure and use headphones.

©1985-99 Janie Tate"
These guitars were played and recorded on a 4 track Fostex Cassette recorder by Janie while living in a 24 ft trailer.
They were later mastered to CD by Peter Temple Studio

your copy of
Four guitars scattered in the stereo spectrum, original melodies, no screechy sounds, stimulating rhythms, or confusing patterns. Focal techniques are conducive to a hypnosis effect, proven to stimulate endorphins and an alpha wave effect of biofeedback therapy. Best with headphones.
$15.00, includes sales tax, shipping and handling.
To get in touch with Janie Tate,
let her know about
how you regard her music.





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