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Here are a few recommendations that the Fire Service regularly makes to citizens:

Remove brush and other fuels from around your home.
Clearly post your street address at the entrance to your property.
Clean your chimneys annually to prevent chimney fires.
Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms twice a year.
Have a family emergency plan that all family members understand.


"The Comptche Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) protects a rural, heavily forested district of approximately 100 square miles in size which is located between Mendocino and Ukiah. Formed by local citizens in 1963, CVFD is an all-volunteer fire department comprised of 22 members and 7 reserves. CVFD responds to a wide variety of emergencies, including structure fires, wildland fires, traffic collisions, and medical emergencies. The department is typically first at the scene of any local emergency, because the closest ambulance and/or sheriff's deputy is located about 45 minutes driving time from Comptche. The department supports itself through a variety of fundraising activities and volunteer assistance, which have allowed CVFD to build its fire station, as well as obtain vehicles, emergency equipment and supplies, and training for department personnel. A small tax levy, approved by the citizens of Comptche and administered by the Comptche Community Services District (CCSD), provides funding for workers compensation insurance and some department maintenance."


Father's Day Chicken Dinner BBQ, Sunday, June 19, 2016 from Noon to 4 pm at the Comptche Firehouse park. A fun-filled event for the whole family featuring a feast of BBQ chicken basted with a tasty barbecue sauce, fresh green salad, savory garlic bread, tasty slow-cooked beans, abundant refreshments for children and adults, and more than 150 delicious pies baked by Comptche cooks. Price is $15 for adults, $5 for children under 12. Live music and entertainment, kids activities, an exciting raffle and fire safety information are all included. The Comptche Firehouse park is located one-half mile south of the junction of Comptche-Ukiah Road and Flynn Creek Road. All funds raised support the Comptche Volunteer Fire Department.

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