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Cynthia Wall - For thirty years I have worked as a social worker, teacher, and therapist, volunteering with hospice, Red Cross, and bereaved parents. I have concentrated on finding methods to help myself and others seek positive change by facing painful experiences. My own background has given me absolute confidence that anyone can make big changes, overcome addiction and childhood abuse, and achieve desired goals. Learning from both mistakes and success has helped me find the courage to make life-enhancing decisions in my own career, small business, and personal finances. Above all, I believe spiritual growth is the surest path to real and lasting change in ourselves, and compassionate honesty is the means to heal our relationships with others. I love living in Fort Bragg with my husband of 26 years, Marshall Rogers. In 2006, a remarkable 12 year old named Peter Norman Alexander Clere Dorn Ravlin, who wants to be an author, was added to our family after the loss of his own.

Cynthia 1 A compassionate and insightful guide for learning to trust more wisely

In The Courage to Trust, Cynthia Wall helps us to discover the genuine source of much of our pain and the pain in our relationships and offers us simple, powerful ways to begin to heal it. This wise and beautifully written book is a blessing for every friend, every parent, every lover and every human being.

Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather's Blessings

Have early betrayals stopped you from trusting wisely today?

We learn how and when to trust as we grow. Trust is a factor in every social or business interaction. You can be unaware of a conflict then suddenly a misunderstanding or change in tone can trigger a loss of trust. Fear and anger replace the sense of belonging. You are left with the hope that the hard feelings will magically fade or someone will reach out with warmth.

Take heart! You are not limited to reacting like a helpless child when you feel hurt. The Courage to Trust addresses the mystery that underlies upsetting interactions in all your relationships.

The Courage to Trust shows when and how much to trust. Practical tools and stories help you overcome old barriers to trust and intimacy, and increase trust in yourself and people you care about.

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Cynthia 2 Embracing True Prosperity:
Guided Visualizations & Practical Tools for Realizing Your Deepest Dreams

The Secret is the Law of Attraction

This ninety-minute audio guide will take you into a future where you have everything you truly want and need, material and otherwise.

The secret to making positive changes! You can design a vision so compelling it will automatically reduce the clutter of an unplanned life. The guided visualizations give you a map of your goals, and show you the most efficient path to achieving them.

In all three visualizations, you learn how to ask for what you truly desire. You also build the confidence to create the future you long for. By creating compelling images of the life you want you can feel the joy and responsibility of living it.

This is how you activate the law of attraction. You’ll know it is working when support, inspiration, and opportunities, arise from surprising sources.

Each journey begins with a deep relaxation. You get the most from the exercises when your conscious mind and body feel safe, still, and fully present.

Therapist Cynthia Wall guides you into your dreams of tomorrow, helping you envision an ideal future, two years from the present. Embracing True Prosperity supports the creation of a unique vision of desired possibilities, one not limited by traditional definitions of success or failure.

This tape offers transforming experiences in four sections:

  • "Guide to the Journey" begins your searchfor a remarkable life with clear instructions. (8 minutes)
  • "Stepping into Prosperity" evokes images ofwhat you desire two years into the future. (35 minutes)
  • "Meeting your Personal Genie" is a playfulexcursion into how to embrace all your wishes with a light heart. (15minutes)
  • "Stepping Out of Your Money Shadow"challenges old attitudes about money, including unhealthy moneyrelationships with others. (35 minutes)
"The guided visualizations in Embracing True Prosperity are powerful tools to help clients access their own inner wisdom. I found her tape to be one of the best creative visualizations I have come across and will recommend this to my clients. I believe it can be a valuable adjunct to psychotherapy, providing a clear jumping off place to explore images and fantasies evoked during this inspiring exercise."
- Susan O'Grady, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

"Gentle, loving, relaxing. Helps awaken your soul to your highest desires, and then walks you through how to get them through mind power. Magical."
- Joe Vitale, Author of Spiritual Marketing

"Very effective and enjoyable. I loved doing the exercise of meeting my future self. Embracing True Prosperity) is a method of actually being in the future. I recommend this to anyone who wants to jump-start her next move or move out of a stuck place."
- Zida Borcich, CEO and designer,

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