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Vicki Fraser

Vicki Fraser was born in the Central Valley, traveled widely, studied fiber arts in Belgium, England, and the US: developed a passion for embroidery, lacemaking, rugmaking.
Moving to Belgium in 1973, she hooked her first rug and started a lace collection; she trained as an oriental rug restorer, and began making rugs. In 1991, she accepted a nine month residence at the Mendocino Art Center where she completed the "Earth Rug." During the making of the "Earth Rug", she connected with the many skilled, and beloved fiber artists of Mendocino, and broadened her skills with mushroom dying and with the indigo vat.

"The California Rug" tells the story of the entire state through native California materials. She has now worked 12 years, hand spinning, dying and weaving the rug in the Oriental tradition. When completed it will measure 5 by 15 feet.




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The California Rug Celebration

photos by Andreya von Waldenfels and Paul Ramsey

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On Friday, August 24, 2007, the Mendocino Stories & Music Series celebrated the California Rug Project. The women’s trio is Panorama – Pattie DeMatteo, Rachel Lahn, and Sari Scanlon. Honored guests are Miriam Rice, Vicki Fraser and Andrea Marks, and Simon Fraser.

Vicki 2

The Garden Room at the Mendocino Hotel was crowded with happy folks. Vicky & Andrea tell their tales.

Simon closed the Friday evening event.



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